Lighting concept

"ALEXA, turn the light on."

Light is a central medium in interior design. It makes spaces look bigger, it structures and models, it provides contours and sets the scene.

Key function zones in the kitchen can be illuminated with lighting that's geared to whatever job is being done, making it a safer place to work in.

Equally important is to look at the immediate effect light has on us as individuals. The extent to which our sense of well-being and mood are influenced by the lighting we spend our time in is scientifically proven.

Our contemporary LED lighting systems give you the option of dimming light level and matching colour temperature to any activity and situation: from inviting and pleasant (warm white, 2,700-3,300 kelvins) and neutral white (3,300-5,300 kelvins) to daylight illumination (cool white, over 5,300 kelvins). LED colour change has something magical about it – this option can create real "wow" effects in new lifestyle kitchens.

Mood setters

Particularly with open floor plans gaining popularity and blurring boundaries between living spaces, you can create a mellow, inviting ambience in your own four walls by including customised LED lighting concepts tailored to your particular preference. This is where light intensity and colour temperature are all-important.

Shining example

We recommend including the lighting concept in planning a kitchen right from the word go. Your kitchen specialist will only be too pleased to advise you. Carefully considered lighting can be incorporated in interior-design ideas with stunning effect. For instance, areas can be accentuated to attract the beholder's attention. Less spacious kitchens also benefit from a customised lighting concept to make them look bigger and more inviting.

Sensor-controlled convenience

The perfected technical options that are available here make it advisable to talk to someone with expert knowledge, like your kitchen specialist. If you wish, modular-type plug & play lighting systems can be planned and seamlessly integrated into a Smart Home network. Proceeding from a converter with slots for LED luminaires, various function modules and control units provide the basis for creating all sorts of different lighting ideas.

A door contact switch, motion detector, wireless remote control or a smartphone app can, for example, be used as control units. The app then sends any chosen control signal from a smartphone to all wirelessly connected converters and instantly turns any preferred lighting effect – such as a change of colour – into reality. And voice control? Not a problem either! A smart speaker, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, can activate Alexa, Siri etc. A single command is all it takes – and, using your personal voice assistant, you can illuminate your kitchen in whatever lighting mood you choose.

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