FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. To help you, this is where you will find answers to questions frequently asked on various aspects. If you have any further questions, simply call us free of charge on +49 3921 976-0. Our team will be happy to assist you with advice and support

Questions on sale and delivery

Can I purchase from burger direct?
Direct sales are made exclusively through specialist retailers. We are unable to sell to you direct. You are welcome to contact your local retailer with regard to your questions and orders. They will most certainly always be able to help you with ordering parts.

How long does burger take to deliver?

Delivery time will differ and always depend on when the order is received. It is best to contact your retailer direct about the delivery date: the retailer will usually be able to tell you when you can expect delivery of the products you have ordered.

Where can I find a price?

If you have any queries on pricing, please contact your retailer. Don't hesitate to contact your retailer.

Where can I get help on planning or designing my kitchen?

Want to turn your dream kitchen into reality? So don't hesitate to contact your specialist kitchen retailer. They will help you plan your kitchen and are your local contact and service partner. Talk to them, in person and tell them exactly what you want and, whatever it is, they will help you make it come true.

Can I request swatches from burger direct?

Are you looking for swatches for your dream kitchen? Our specialist retailer can offer you an extensive portfolio of different shapes and colours with the right solution to suit every taste. For more information, please contact your retail contact person direct.

Are you a certified company?

We are award holders – and can prove so in black and white. As a company fully aware of our responsibility, we attach tremendous importance to durability as well as to exacting quality and environmental standards. Using resources with a focus on sustainability, our intention is to help create a worthwhile future. This is where you will find an overview of our instructions.

Questions about our kitchens

How do I clean my kitchen?
Easy-care – this is the best way to describe the high-quality surfaces of our kitchens. To ensure that your kitchen gives you lasting pleasure, please only use mild, water-soluble household cleaning products. The care instructions included with all kitchens tell you which ones you can use and obtain from your specialist kitchen retailer. Under no circumstances should you use aggressive liquid cleaners or abrasive cleaning products for cleaning surfaces. The same applies to polishes, waxes and solvents. This is where you will find detailed care instructions.

What worktop thicknesses are available from the burger range?

We offer our worktops in a choice of thicknesses: 25 and 39 mm.

What are the loading capacities of pull-outs and drawers?

Our products stand out for their high level of durability and loading capacity. The maximum loading capacity of pull-outs is 30 kg – from a carcase with of 800 mm as much as 65 kg. Drawers provide a maximum loading capacity of 30 kg.

What's the loading capacity of wall units?

The wall units also impress with their high loading capacity, and are capable of carrying horizontal loads of 60 kg per square metre of shelf surface.

What are the standard carcase depths?

We can give you all base units in carcase depths of 335 and 555 mm.

What are the standard carcase heights?

Base units are always available in carcase heights of 724 and 796 mm. Tall and appliance units are available in heights of 940, 1330, 1620 1902, 2046, 2192 and 2262 mm. As standard, wall units are available in carcase heights of 292, 362, 580, 724 and 940.

How are wall units opened in a handleless kitchen?

This is where we can give you all sorts of opening options. If you want, we can fit the wall units with a bottom-panel grip ledge, i.e. with a recess in the bottom panel as a finger pull behind the front. The wall units can be opened by tapping on the front (push-to-open).

Can I also get the colour code for a RAL colour shade?

burger colours are not geared towards RAL colours or similar colour standards. If you have any questions, please contact a paint retailer to compare a colour with a swatch.

Questions on warranty & complaints

Do I contact burger direct if I have any questions in connection with complaints / warranty claims?

You will find all information regarding any complaint and warranty claim in the contract entered with your specialist retailer. This means: as contracting party, your specialist retailer is also the right person to contact for complaints of any kind.

My electrical appliance is not working properly. Who can I contact?

In this case we kindly ask you to contact your appliance manufacturer's customer service department. You will find the contact details on the guarantee card.