Splashback motifs

It doesn't always have to be tiling

Glass with a motif, reproduction wood or intelligent storage solutions - there are so many options that work as splashbacks. The midway section perfectly complements the worktop while at the same time protecting the walls from splashes.

Available with a variety of motifs, timeless plain colours and in all worktop decors.

Mirrored and coated in chalkboard paint on glass or melamine.

Available splashback motifs

FG 623 Water

FG 626 Tiled effect

FG 639 Herbs

FG 643 Dandelion

FG 647 Antico

FG 651 Beach

FG 652 Watercolour

FG 653 Spices

FG 654 Concrete

FG 655 Golden lines

FG 656 Foliage

FG 657 Birch forest

FG 658 Palms

FG 659 Cacti

FG 660 Triangles

Plain colour finishes available

FG 104 Satinato

FG 327 Sand beige

FG 342 Black

FG 379 White

FG 434 Moonlight grey

FG 442 Silk

Worktop and splashback from one and the same mould

Available in all worktop decors


Splashbacks with blackboard paint

This splashback element can be used as a chalk board and wiped clean with a moist sponge.

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