One family,
one goal:

As a kitchen family, our focus is on diversity and success for all.
At BAUFORMAT, every single individual counts and helps to define the company in every respect.

Over 100 years of

As a successful, medium-sized and down-to-earth family business, we can draw on decades of experience in the kitchen market. We produce top-quality technically perfected and superbly designed kitchens and bathroom furniture at excellent value for money that excite consumers across the globe. Perfectly qualified, we stand apart with our personal and closely meshed partnership with the specialist kitchen retail trade.

Quality steeped in tradition

Our own production facilities with their high level of vertical integration and our many years of expertise put us in a position to produce exacting technical solutions that are second to none in terms of creative, imaginative design. This means we can provide top product quality to meet our customers's discerning expectations. Sharing and communicating our vast expertise and our values, our apprentices and staff alike also benefit from the experience our company has been able to amass over the generations.

Our benefits

  • Company pension scheme
  • Company health management
  • Excellent connections to local and long-distance public transport
  • Appropriate remuneration plus holiday and Christmas bonuses
  • Diverse opportunities for further education and training
  • Employee promotions / discounts (Ticketsprinter)
  • Company bike leasing
  • Shopping facilities in the neighbourhood
  • WIFI throughout the company
  • Varied further training opportunities
  • Company pension scheme subsidy
  • Fitness studio subsidy
  • Various offers as part of our company health management programme
  • Free workwear and protective footwear
  • Coaching and team building measures
  • Free workwear in the commercial sector
  • Home office
  • Flexible working hours
  • Conversion of overtime into free time
  • Benefit programmes/ staff discounts
  • Free in-house language courses
  • Bonus for "Employees recruit employees"

A community stepping ahead

Our goal is to offer all members of staff a safe and secure place to live in and a working environment that motivates them. We aim to retain the greatest possible level of independence, cultivate a sense of community that really works, cautiously try out new approaches and, together, constantly take ideas and products forward – to give everyone involved perspectives that promise success.

Appreciation and security

Our company's success goes hand in hand with our staff's quality of life. This is why we do everything we can to secure jobs, provide fair pay and offer a corporate culture that demonstrates and fosters social justice. Mutual appreciation and respect creates the pillar on which we promote reliability, ingenuity and courage in a way that is practised by every member of staff.

Commitment to society

We are rooted in our region and feel a deep bond with the people who live here. A commitment to society and regional sponsoring for charitable institutions and associations articulate our social responsibility. We practise this corporate role-model function every day, encouraging our members of staff to lead a sustainable lifestyle which we, as the kitchen family, want to take an active part in promoting.

Your contact persons

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Janine Waletzki

Sabine Dietrich