Apprenticeship training

Whether you are gifted with your hands, have a huge affinity for numbers or languages or feel at home in the world of technology – at burger you're bound to find the right apprenticeship for you!

Training apprentices has a long history at burger. For over 60 years now, apprenticeships have been on offer on the commercial side and, since the 1980s, also in industrial work activities. Many a career has begun at burger with an apprenticeship as a sales management assistant or wood mechanic.

Since 2018, apprenticeship training opportunities have been continuously broadened – now to include fields, such as digitisation, Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory which are also playing an increasingly big part at burger, creating new apprenticeships as an IT specialist focusing on system integration or applications development.

Industrial Sales Management Assistant

Industrial business management assistants come to know the company inside out. Whether juggling numbers in accounts, negotiating prices buying in production materials or successfully selling our kitchens as sales professionals. An apprenticeship in business management assistance will let you lay the foundation for every one of your career goals.

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Wood mechanic

Where craftsmanship meets industry, and the cabinet maker is in command of entire pool of machinery. During your apprenticeship training, you will deepen your knowledge of all aspects of timber as a material, and learn the countless ways of working and processing it.

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IT specialist in System Integration

As an IT specialist focusing on system integration, your work begins where most employees' expertise ends. From procuring new hardware and software, setting up and managing systems and interconnecting our workforce across the globe. Become an expert contact and help to take our company forward with your specialist knowledge in implementing IT projects of strategic importance.

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IT specialist in Applications Development

As an IT specialist in applications development, you'll mainly be "working behind the scenes", because this is where it's all about all aspects of developing software. Using a variety of programming languages and special developer tools, you will be designing and enhancing all sorts of programs and applications.

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Mechatronics engineer

If you enjoy planning, designing and developing components and are passionate about mechanical and electrical engineering, our three-year mechatronics engineering apprenticeship is exactly right for you! With us, you will learn the technical procedures as well as the complex automation processes involved in production facilities and be responsible for maintaining and repairing machines and systems.

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