Melamine front

Direct coating

Characteristics: The melamine front has a scratch-proof and highly durable surface, recommended, say, for heavy duty family kitchens. And as durable as it is, there are no hard feelings. Fingerprints are hard to find. Highly resistant to abrasion, a melamine front is liquid-repellent too. Even after years of exposure to sunlight, the front colour finishes maintain their radiance. Extremely versatile, you'll find a wide choice of melamine fronts even at entry-level prices.

Aesthetic appeal: The melamine front is available in a huge range of colours and decor finishes. Coming with a finely textured surface, it leaves no margin of doubt as a timber reproduction with extremely authentic character. Shining melamine surfaces captivate with a particularly high level of gloss and depth of brilliance. Even metallic effects can be produced with melamine.

Available in the following burger ranges: Amelie, Anna, Carla, Celine, Cindy, Cora, Diana, Mila


Lacquered laminate front

Characteristics: Lacquer laminate fronts look extremely similar to exclusive premium lacquer kitchens. In fact, at first sight it is almost impossible for the untrained eye to tell the difference. So lacquer laminate is becoming extremely popular as an attractively priced entry to the world of lacquered fronts. The surface of this front material is extremely smooth, and therefore also extremely low maintenance. The robust core material, FSC®-certified wood-fibre board, is compressed with an electron beam hardened panel during production and then sealed. The result is a long-lasting, almost wearproof functional layer that appeals for its elegance. When cleaning, the rule is the same as with other lacquered fronts: do not use chemical cleaning products or cleaning cloths that contain metal.

Aesthetic appeal: The front material in monochromes opens up a wide range of design ideas for planners. Depending on the type of lacquer chosen, there is a choice of mirrored shine or a silky-matt surface, or metallic look in gold, titanium or mother-of-pearl. Whether tone in tone or with an accent colour to catch the eye, lacquer laminate guarantees a highly aesthetic overall effect and maximum planning freedom in the middle to upper price segments.

Available in the following burger ranges: Ella, Susann, Greta, Lisa




Foil-wrapped laminate front

Characteristics: The laminate-covered front is one of our classics. It is hard-wearing, and can easily handle almost any influences that occur in everyday life in the kitchen. The core material is FSC®-certified MDF wood-fibre board that is entirely encased in a high-quality synthetic foil using heat, vacuum and a special adhesive. The special part: there are no discernible borders along the door edges. The foil also covers the corners before they are precisely trimmed. The results are seamless edges, rounded on all four corners, that delight for their looks and ease of care.

Aesthetic appeal: Perfect for contemporary interpretations of the country-kitchen style, the laminate-covered front delights with its clean, fresh radiance. It is the perfect front panel material for framed and coffered fronts as well as for designs with vertical fluting or panelled look. As a visually appealing alternative to wood and lacquered fronts, the laminate-covered front delights with its excellent value for money in the mid-range segment. We have this front type for you in a silky-matt version in bright, cheerful hues: in white, magnolia, silk and sand beige.

Available in the following burger ranges: Frieda, Kristin, Lea, Lucia, Natalie


UV-lacquered front

Characteristics: The lacquer surface of UV-lacquer fronts is extremely tough and hard-wearing. This can be a key benefit in family homes with kitchens that are in use every day of the week. The front's resilience is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process: the front of a quality MDF board receives several coats of UV lacquer and, after each lacquer coating, is cured in a matter of seconds with special, high-energy UV light. This radiation curing process produces particularly hard, easy-to-clean surfaces. Thick laminate edging on all sides is guaranteed to protect even the narrow edges from damage. Upshot: UV lacquer fronts provide a surprising number of benefits even at entry-level price level.

Aesthetic appeal: Whether high gloss or silky matt, UV lacquer fronts impress with aesthetic versatility. You can choose whatever you like: our line-up features an attractive selection of UV-lacquered fronts in classic and on-trend colour finishes. The all-round thick laminate edging can be selected in the front colour or any accent tone.

Available in the following burger ranges: Gloriette




Laminate front

Characteristics: At first sight, the laminate front looks like the melamine front. An untrained eye will hardly be able to tell the difference. Compared to the directly faced melamine front, however, the surface of the laminate front is multi-layered in structure. This comes with a raft of advantages: laminate, for instance, is harder and extremely durable. This also makes it a popular choice for heavily used worktops. Laminate fronts are very hygienic, easy to clean, not affected by moisture and can withstand even heavy everyday wear and tear for years on end.

Aesthetic appeal: Laminate fronts come in a wide range of colours and decor finishes. This material is highly recommended for anyone wanting a seamless look or preferring rounded edges. Because the options that are available open up unmatched creative scope, particularly in combination with laminate.

Available in the following burger ranges: Kira


Genuine lacquer front

Characteristics: Lacquered front surfaces provide a seal that's completely impervious, comparable with automotive paint finishes in terms of surface hardness and scratch resistance. In the course of the intricate work process, the substrate material is coated with a special 2-component lacquer and then sanded and polished to obtain the chosen surface finish. We are one of the very few kitchen furniture manufacturers who also seal the back of our lacquered fronts with a lacquer which makes them even more durable and hard-wearing. The easy-to-clean, classy-looking fronts justify the higher purchase price.

Aesthetic appeal: Whether in understated matt lacquer or glamorous high-gloss lacquer, genuine lacquer fronts captivate with expression, aesthetic appeal and a wide variety of colours. Exquisite in visual impact, they reflect the exacting demands and homely nature of outstanding interior design.

Available in the following burger ranges: Laila, Lara, Mara, Emma, Tessa