Carcase | Visible Sides

The cabinet carcase forms the framework of your fitted kitchen. The chosen kitchen front is attached to the carcase either directly or indirectly on the drawers and pull-outs. This makes the carcase a key component for the way in which your kitchen works.

Material used

Carcase sides

Laminated 16 mm three-ply high-grade particle board is used for the carcase sides, top and bottom panel. The laminate finish complies with the requirements for kitchen furniture and is certified with the following test and quality labels.

We have deliberately opted for a construction with 16 mm particle board for the carcase sides because this creates that little bit more space in the carcase for fitting appliances and accessories (6 mm more). At the same time, the 16 mm chipboard provides more than sufficient tensile and compressive strength to securely attach all fittings in and to it for the kitchen's lifetime. This is why we give a 5-year guarantee on BAUFORMAT kitchens.

Panel thicknesses

There is a choice of three end-panel thicknesses - 16, 25 and 40 mm: matt or gloss laminate as well as any worktop and carcase decor.

Carcase edges

All carcase edges are sealed with an edgeband. All shelves can carry loads up to 50 kg per m² which is usually more than is ever needed, providing sufficient reserve capacity for normal kitchen use.

Adjustable shelves

All structural and adjustable shelves are made of laminated 19 mm three-ply particle board.

Adjustable glass shelves

Glass shelves are made of 8 mm toughened safety glass to provide optimum load-bearing capacity and resistance to warping.

Options for the carcase

Fittings on the outside of the carcase

All wall units up to a height of 91 cm high are attached to the wall with two fittings mounted behind the rear panel, leaving them "invisible" after installation. These are locked in place on a mounting rail to provide 100% protection against accidental detachment. These mounts provide precision 3D adjustability and a max. loading capacity of up to 55 kg per mount.

Wall units in a height of 123.5 cm are fitted with heavy-duty mounts to provide additional reserve capacity.

All base, tall and appliance units stand on plinth slides which ensure good stability with the plinth foot suitable for the selected plinth height. In the event of leaking water, this means that the units standing on the plinth feet are also protected from water on the wet floor.

Carcase design

Carcase colours

Besides the actual functional properties of the carcase, it must also fit in with the design you choose for your kitchen and accommodate your wishes and ideas. To give you exactly what you are looking for, you can choose from a wide range of design options:

  • Several carcase colours, whereby the carcase interiors are finished in white and the both inside and out.

Visible side options

To integrate the visible cabinet exteriors into the design of your kitchen, you can choose from a huge range of different decors and surface finishes. These include selected silky matt and glossy plain colours, as well as trendy concrete decors in matt.

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